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» Anuradapura City Information «

Anuradhapura Sri lanka is a world famous and one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. The city is known for its well preserved ruins of the Great Sri Lankan Civilization. The Civilization built upon this city is one of the greatest civilizations of Asia and the world. The city is located in northern Sri Lanka which is the capital of North-Central province. Anuradhapura Sri lanka now has been turned into a UNESCO heritage site which was established in the 4th century BC. The city was the capital of the Anuradhapura Kingdom till the beginning of the 11th century AC and during this period it enjoyed a prominent position and durable center of political power and urban life in South Asia. The city was a wealthy city which made the city with a unique culture and a great civilization.

Anuradhapura Sri lanka ancient city of Sri Lanka, today is one of the important archaeological sites today. The city now is sacred to the Buddhist world, with its surrounding monasteries covering an area of over sixteen square miles. Anuradhapura has turned into an archaeologist's delight as it houses several monuments of historical importance. The city in its present consists of a central stupa surrounding by several large Buddhist monastic complexes and four large man-made lakes. The three colossal stupas of the Mahavihara, Jetavana and Abhayagiri monasteries are amongst the most prominent ancient monuments of Anuradhapura and is home to the largest dagobas in Sri Lanka. A dagoba is a dome enshrining sacred relics or the bodily remains of the Buddha, or articles used by Him.

The best time to visit anuradhapura sri lanka is between April and Sptember. The weather is dry, and sunny but never too hot. But even otherwise the city is always a worth a visit. The wet season between October and March is quite bearable though it is raining mostly but in intervals providing with ample dry days to explore the city. Anuradhapura Hotels also come much cheap during this period. Hotels in anuradhapura are availbale with all excellent facilities and location. To avoid any inconviences we at StayResSrilanka.com provide with online reservation for Anuradhapura Hotels. For a relaxing and comfortable stay Hotels in anuradhapura provide excellent services.

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