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Privacy Policies

While we offer maximum concessions to our customers in hotel room booking, we also promise them for safety and security of their information furnished to us during the online transaction. StayResSriLanka.com adheres to a privacy policy which is effective, and consistent.

Our Privacy Pledge:
Our major concern is to protect rights of customers or visitors and in that regard we adhere to strict privacy policy. The collected data is treated in safe and secure manner for bonafide use by StayResSriLanka.com and it promises that the same is not sold, rented, bartered, shared, or distributed to third party. Similarly, from time to time, we may compile general statistical information such as number of visitors to our Web site, type of services purchased and other general information for our benefit in good faith. However, we do not release individual names or specific addresses to third party or parties.


Collection of Information:
As a policy decision, and meeting business requirements we collect, compile, abridge, and store names, addresses, and other personally identifying information of site visitors who participate in the reservation process. The process of collection is done in secure manner and the data is stored safely for our further use. However, we may use "cookies" technology for better understanding of customers’ preferences, choices, patterns, etc. Cookies are small text files that are usually stored in your hard drive that allow us to recognize you when you visit our site. No third party has access to these small bits of information, and you may easily delete them or turn off our ability to store cookies through a setting on your browser.

Treatment With The Collected Information:
Data collection from our visitors and customers helps us understand our customers well. Particularly, it helps us analyze trends in customer preference, behavioral pattern, etc. Moreover, the process offers us an opportunity interact with our valued customers and offer them new products, services, features, etc. StayResSriLanka.com pledges not to reveal your personal information to its participating suppliers, vendors unless you specifically respond affirmatively to one of their offers and/ or you have reached an agreement with a supplier you have selected to purchase his services. Logically enough, participating suppliers, vendors, affiliates, or sponsors from whom you make a purchase or online transaction may have a different privacy policy from ours and in such case or cases you would be subjected to that specific privacy policy and norms.Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

General Security:
StayResSriLanka.com does not leave any stone unturned in securing your personal information. It uses latest security tools for e-commerce and online transactions. However, our privacy policy is subject to change which may occur at various points of time. And, any change to our privacy policy will be posted at least 10 days prior to the implementation, and the data collected prior to the change will be maintained according to the policy under which it was first collected, and any right or liability would be under that agreement.

To Contact Us:
Continuous and productive communication is essential requirement for our business and understanding that we encourage our customers to send their queries and question or comments at our e-mail id - info@StayResSriLanka.com. Alternatively, they may call us at the U.S. number 732.582.2704, and our executive will be there to greet you.

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