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Bentota City Information

Bentota beach is a famous beach resort at a distance of 62 km to the south of Colombo. The city enjoys a strategic location at the junction of Bentota River and the sea providing with plenty of opportunities of water sport opportunities such as windsurfing, water-skiing and catamaran rides. This Sri Lankan coastal city is made famous by its golden beaches making it a popular tourist attraction, especially among the foreign tourists. The beach city's population is estimated around between 25,000-50,000.

Bentota beach city gained popularity among honeymoon couples and became known for oysters during the 19th century. Earlier accommodation was limited to the British rest house located at the mouth of the river, the Bentara Ganga. Today Bentota beach city hosts quite a few world famous hotels. It is house to the 100-acre National Holiday Tourist Resort complex, consisting of several major tourist hotels, a shopping centre, and exhibition centre. Bentota's wide beach provides with ideal opportunities for swimming and all types of beach sport.      
River Bentara Ganga in the Bentota beach city is perfect for outdoor activities like sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing. River cruises are also organied which give an opportunity to observe a variety of fauna associated with such an environment, such as crocodiles. Visitor’s can give a visit to one of the cultural attraction of the 12th century Galapat Vihara situated five kilometres upriver. The city enjoys a tropical climate year round and the best time to visit Bentota is between October and April, when the sea is safest for swimming.

Bentota restaurants in the city provide with excellent cuisine as in the rest of Sri Lanka. Bentota restaurants serve a mix of International, seafood and Sri Lankan cuisine. Visitors to the city should give a try to mild coconut fish curry followed by some boiled, sweet rice for some local flavour. And when one feels like having a drink, a cup of famous Sri Lankan tea is a must. The tea is grown at a high altitude which produces a unique flavor and teas from different regions all have distinctive tastes.

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