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Yala Village City Information Sri Lanka

Yala village Sri Lanka is situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Yala Village bordering the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sea. It’s just 10 km from the town of Kirinda, 22 km from Tissa, and is in close proximity to the historic town of Kataragama. The village takes the concept of a Nature Resort to new heights.

On one’s way to Yala village Sri Lanka one will pass Sri Lanka's capital, the metropolitan city of Colombo. Drive to the city would be a picturesque drive in Sri Lanka along the endless span of the ocean. Then one will come across the historic town of Galle, which some scholars believe to be the Tarshish mentioned in the Old Testament. Along the way down the south coast one will come across many historic places of interest and breathtaking sceneries.

Yala village Sri Lanka is spread out on 10 acres of jungle and never-ending miles of beach. The Yala Village is truly a nature resort of untamed beauty and unmatched luxury. Once into the jungle one can watch the elephants walking. Many species of birds such as Grebes, Cormorants, Herons, Storks, Ducks, Raptors and many more are common in the village. Grey Langur, live and play on the tree-tops and the ground below. Spotted deer are seen throughout the village. Wild buffalo & wild boar could give you a good surprise and a great picture. Tuskers and elephants are frequent visitors as well. For Bird Watchers, a visit to Bundala a magnificent bird sanctuaries is a real treat. If you are interested in the local Culture & History, take a drive down to Kataragama, the abode of God Skandha, the Warrior God and visit the old Buddhist monasteries of Situlpauwa and Nimalawa.

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