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Sri lanka Culture

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Culture of Sri Lanka is very diverse as is its natural heritage. Sri Lanka Culture fascinates its visitors as it has been influenced by Buddhism in early 2nd Century B.C. and then by Indian invasions and going through Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. The people of the country are known as the Smiling People. Sri Lankans enjoy an exceptional life style that's modest, artistic, entertaining and touching every heart with Sri Lanka hospitality which is known for centuries. There’s an intimate connection between Society and Buddhism which is also evident in traditional forms of Art, Dance and Music which is the result of the fusion of the culture Sri Lanka.

The country was ruled by the British in the early 19th century and they introduced democracy, modern education, legal and commercial agriculture system. Sri Lanka now has become a mirror of its own ancient and modern cultures diverse from it's cities to far villages across the tiny island. The culture of Sri Lanka has been influenced by many things in the past like the religion and colonialization by the Dutch, Portuguese and the British. To experience Sri Lanka Culture is a life time opportunity and seeing and becoming a part of Sri Lankan Festivals is the best way to experience Sri culture Sri Lanka, Traditions, Life and It's People.

Culture of Sri Lanka mostly revolves around religion. The Buddhist population of Sri Lanka observes Poya Days, once per month according to the lunar calendar. The Hindu and Muslim population celebrate their festivals. Sri Lankans being religious minded as the history of the island shows the country has been a part of many religion events. There are many Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka and many mosques, Hindu temples and churches all across the island. The religious preference of an area could be determined by the number of religious institutions in the area.

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