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Sri Lanka Visa Requirements


Visa regulations are strict but simple. Tourists visiting Sri Lanka can enter the country with minimum formalities.

Citizens of sixty-four countries can enter Sri Lanka without a prior visa and will be allowed an entry visa for between 30 - 90 days (depending on country of nationality) at the point of entry without any payment. Extension of tourist visas is handled by the Department of Immigration and Emigration

Nationals of countries not classified under 64 countries are required to possess a valid visa, obtained from the respective Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions, prior to entering the country irrespective of the purpose of visit. Tourists should have a return air ticket, sufficient foreign exchange reckoned at US dollar 15 per day, and a valid travel document to establish their bona-fide as tourists.

» Customs & Duty Regulations «

At the arrival you have to fill in the official entry form. Tourists who do not have anything to declare may choose the green channel for clearance.

Baggage should not contain goods for others, goods in commercial quantities, and prohibited or restricted goods. You may bring into the country 1.5 liters spirits, 2 bottles of wine, small quantities of perfume, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, still/ video camera, films for personal use.

You may take out of the country anything you declared upon entering. Up to 3 Kg of tea may be exported duty free. Unused Sri Lanka currency should be reconverted to foreign currency at departure.

Note: For latest updates and changes the following information should be clarified from Sri Lanka Diplomatic and Immigration offices.

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